About SALT Tequila

SALT Tequila is a culmination of years of determination, innovation, expertise and countless blends that inspired a clear, smooth, sweet and naturally flavored 100% Agave Tequila.

SALT Tequila Flavor

Each bottle of SALT Tequila is made from handpicked, 100% pure, blue agave plants from the mountains of Jalisco, one of the country’s most fertile agave-growing regions. It is here where each agave plant is allowed to grow seven to ten years before its harvested, resulting in the mellow, sweet and fully developed agave flavor of SALT Tequila.

The highest quality Drink

The process of creating SALT Tequila is as unique as the tequila itself. It’s a process that requires the focus and dedication of a boutique distillery, the skilled and practiced hands of a brew master and people trained in the art and craft of tequila, naturally flavoring and blending to capture the highest quality Drink.

Our vision

Is to inspire and to break away from traditional tequilas, to craft a Drink for today’s discerning consumer who CRAVE more, they CRAVE Flavor. SALT Tequila is the first and only tequila created to be enjoyed as a Drink, best neat or over ice. A new tequila experience combining 100% AGAVE Tequila, fresh, clean and clear flavors.



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